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about us

Wanna Empanada is a family owned and operated business, made up of Mother (Doreen), Son (Philip), and Wife (Kenelyn). The merging of our personal and professional backgrounds is truly what sets our empanada business apart from any other. The Gioio family was born and raised in Ossining, and as we often joke “They’ll never leave.” We are a family, deeply rooted in community, love, and perseverance. Food is undeniably our love language. It is what truly brings our family together. We invite you to join our family at Wanna Empanada. It is an honor to share our food with you.

about our empanadas

Our mission at Wanna Empanada is to bring people together; people from far and near, people of all ages, meat eaters, cheese lovers, veggie connoisseurs, everyone. We currently serve a rotation of over 70 savory and sweet fillings, in which you can choose to be as adventurous or as classic as you’d like. These empanadas are done right. They are STUFFED, labeled, fried fresh, and served hot. To share or not to share? That is the question.


why empanadas

Because who doesn’t love an empanada!?! Empanadas are a social food, A food meant for sharing with those that you love. The first time we made empanadas for our family, the smell filled the room, as did the smiles. Something we’ll never forget. Social is done differently these days, but we hope that our empanadas will bring back the same memories.  

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